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Paint with pals and unleash your inner artist at our artist-led painting events.


Drop in for our shorter painting events and leave with a mini masterpiece.


In pairs, each of you will paint a canvas each, which when put together creates a whole magical painting!

Terrarium Making

Make your own stunning terrarium – a beautiful miniature ecosystem all in a jar. Relaxing, hands-on, and interactive!

Recent Reviews

Raisah Yusuf

Date Night Events

I went a paint a pic class. The teacher was really clear and helpful and the venue was really nice with great drinks. It was a nice relaxing atmosphere and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to paint, or just wants to do a fun activity in London. Great experience.

Charlotte Chan

Paint your worries away

I really recommend their painting classes, the guidance was so easy to follow, even for beginners! We had a very fun afternoon, and the session was run smoothly and lightheartedly. You’ll end up with a nice piece of art and a handful of happy memories!

Little Geek Films

Paint a Pic

Took away all my first date jitters. Me and my date had a great time. Something different to do, gladly go back again for another event.

Jesam Eyong

Paint a Pair

Unbelievably good fun regardless of your skill level

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